“A song and danceIt’s been a fun time

A song and dance

It’s been a fun time for the CCT since I last wrote. Life has been dominated by the Combined Services Entertainment (CSE) Show. This is on the opposite end of the spectrum to what we exist to cover but has its difficulties. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of attending one, a CSE show combines comedy, music and dancing to help troops take their mind off work where ever they are deployed for a couple of hours.

Having directed a music video before I am well aware of the pitfalls of filming entertainment. The combo of noise, movement and lights if not handled correctly can be an absolute and utter nightmare to edit, doubling or even tripling the time it takes to complete a job. This was the first time that I had seen one of these entertainment shows and, like any typical soldier, I was sceptical about the show’s ability to distract me without the aid of alcohol. I was even a bit nervous for the stand-up comics, as sober soldiers on operations would be a tough audience.

I was proved wrong. Within minutes of the first comic coming on, I was relaxed and enjoying the show. So relaxed that I pretty much forgot I was working. Good for morale, bad for work. I realised, as we left the show, that Lloydie would need more interviews to create a video piece. We would have to come back and do the show again. Again, I thought I would be bored. Nope, second time round I couldn’t get enough of the dancers and the band called Front Cover, but still we needed more. The next night promised massive crowds as it was for the whole of the camp Bastion.”\


Captain Gris ,

Officer Comanding British Army Combat Camera Team


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