Presentation Script

1, For those of you that don’t know me my name is Ed Low, I am 19 years old and am originally from a farm in south dorset on the coast. My influences were fairly limited due to the rural area that i lived in. A lot of my work was drawn from the beautiful countryside that i found myself in. 

2, At A-level my work was dominated with digital art including photography (analogue too), web design and posters. I produced all of these for an up and coming youth club which with my help went on to win a national lottery grant of £60,000.

3, Despite my achievements at A-level, i went to university with the intention to join the regular army and attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and to commission as an Army Officer in an infantry regiment. 

4, Since coming to university i have fallen back in love with the digital arts and studying old photojournalism techniques such as the work of Robert Capa.

5, I particularly enjoyed making a virally inspired video of students drinking habits. What I really liked about this project was the ability for it to be distributed widely.

6, Photojournalism enables you to reach a large audience with your images. You don’t have to be a professional for the media to publish your images. Just be in the right place at the right time!

7, As well as being a student I am also a part time soldier. I am part of 54Company of 5th Battallion Military Inteligence Corps. The contrast between being a student at the same time as a soldier is unreal and the time i spend in uniform gives me great inspiration for my work. 

8, As well as being a student and a soldier I am also an Army Cadet Force instructor which entails teaching a group of up to 30 cadets (aged between 12-18) in basic military skills. 

9, MOG, The british army media team (media operations group) are the public end of the Brittish army. They are out on the group getting stories for us back home. 

10, Combat Camera Team, are first and foremost fighting soldiers, but as well as carrying their rifle, they will also carry a camera. Their job is to collect photographic images or footage of broadcast quality for news reports, films. 

11, The Somerset Cadet Batallion The Rifles ACF have a PR team who are always actively putting out material, whether it is producing posters for recruitment or going into schools to do presentations to children. They are also responsible for maintaining the website. 

12, Potential employers for me that I would approach are the Media Operations Group and the Cadet force PR Team. 

13, In my third year I am going to try and incorporate some projects that are journalistic, something that can send a message to a wide audience. I have already contacted the Media Operations Group. 

14, I would also like to contact some local companies to try and get some work experience within any PR departments they might have. 

15, I love photojournalism, and I would find it quite exciting to get some work experience working for a newspaper. 

16, I already have quite some extensive experience in teaching young people, I one day want to become a teacher. I am very interested in taking a PGCE after university. 

17, As well as teaching I am interested in the pastoral side of teaching and caring for and inspiring young people. 

18, The Army Education Service, is a unit within the Army that educates the rest of the army, particularly those soldiers that join at 16 and do not have any form of higher education. 

19. By combining both my military side and my artistic civilian side I think I can develop into an inspirational teacher. 

20, Any Questions?


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